When in the design process should we do a Walk My Plan session?


Generally, our clients wait until they have preliminary plans and elevations, or planning permit drawings if the job is subject to planning. By doing a Walk My Plan session at this time, it is relatively easy to make any changes to the design that you find.

If you wait until you have detailed design drawings, structural engineering drawings and an energy report, changes will be slightly more expensive to make to the drawings (although still much cheaper than if construction had commenced!)

So you can do a session whenever you like, but as soon as you are happy with the floorplan is probably best. 


We are trying to decide between two different floorplans, can we look at both?


Yes we can certainly set up two models to walk through. If the difference between the two options is minor (involving internal walls of a couple of rooms for instance) then we may be able to do this as part of the standard session cost.

If the two options are quite different, there will be some additional cost to model both options.


Just email through your plans and we can let you know if there would be an additional charge for the options.


How many people can I bring with me?


We recommend that a small group of 2 to 4 people is best to get the most out of the experience. It allows everyone to have a good look in the model and then discuss options and possible changes. 


Having said that, you are more than welcome to bring up to 10 people. We will have two virtual reality systems set up, both of which will be reflected on monitors. So even when you are not in the headset you can still speak to people using the headsets and see their field of view. If you do have a larger group, it may be worth considering a longer session, for which there would be an additional cost. 

Do I need any computer skills?


Generally speaking, the experience is quite user friendly so no specific skills are required. We should note however, that if you can’t use a computer, you may have trouble navigating the experience.

Will there be virtual furniture in the space?

Yes, we will place indicative furniture in your house to give scale and context to the environment. If you walk into a home with no furniture it can be difficult to understand the size and scale of rooms.


Should I bring my kids?


Your kids are welcome to try the virtual reality experience, however there is no guarantees that the headsets will stay on their heads. They can watch along on the monitors too.


Are your offices wheelchair accessible?


Our sessions at Chadstone Shopping Centre are wheelchair accessible via a lift. There is no lift access at our Carnegie location, so if you need wheelchair access please be sure to book in at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

If anyone in your party will be in a wheelchair, please let us know at the time of booking so we can ensure we have a large enough space, and so we can tailor the virtual reality experience to suit a seated user.


Will I get motion sickness?


Virtual Reality takes you to another world, and it can be slightly disorienting for some.


At worst, you might find that after a while in the headset you might feel a little queasy, but when that happens you just take a few minutes out of the headset watching on the screen and then you can jump back in.


I wear glasses, is this an issue?


We find that most people don’t have any issues using our headsets with glasses unless they are quite chunky frames. If you have multiple sets of glasses, choose the smallest frames. However, if you use contacts, we suggest you run with those for the session, just to be sure.


Can I get a copy of the model?


Unfortunately, we can’t provide a digital copy of the model. We model in a format only suitable for our virtual reality walkthroughs. We can however export 360 images and photo views from the model and email these to you after the session.